Grand Hyatt Singapore

Grand Hyatt Singapore

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Grand Hyatt Singapore proves itself to be an escape from the hectic town area with its idyllic interior of a cascading waterfall and numerous water features, successfully tuning out the noise of the streets.


Grand Hyatt Singapore stands out along the crowded and colourful street of Orchard Road with its spacious and warm-toned coloured lobby, almost appearing like a breathing space on that particular stretch of road. Being in the heart of town, Grand Hyatt Singapore is a stone’s throw away (approximately 3 to 5 minutes walk) from Orchard MRT station.

A plus point of Grand Hyatt Singapore’s location, aside from being flanked by shopping malls, is that it just a few meters away from the underground walkway that links you to the train station and shopping malls further down the street. Therefore, you need not worry about the sweltering heat or the rain ruining your plans to travel around the country or shop!

Rooms & Amenities

With its lead-in categories room comfortably sized at 42 square meters, you can be sure that the big bucks you are paying for this luxury five-star hotel is well worth it. Throw in the plush goose-down king sized beds and pillows and you’ll be sure to not regret that burn in your wallet (or you can just sleep that nagging pinch in your wallet away).


Grand Hyatt Singapore offer the usual hotel facilities – a swimming pool, spa and a gymnasium, amongst others, but get this, they also offer martial arts sessions, such as the Brazilian Capoeira and Muay Thai, for those who already practice these art or are interested to try. The hotel also caters for those who prefer more invigorating activities such as Yoga and Pilates classes too.

Bars & Restaurants

It appears that hotel guests aren’t the only ones to frequent the restaurants at Grand Hyatt Singapore, especially the popular Straits Kitchen. It’s quite often that you’ll find this particular restaurant packed with Singaporeans who are there specifically to enjoy the up-market buffet offering hawker-style local cuisines. But fret not if your palate is not suited for local fares as you can also find tasty Italian cuisines, BBQ meat and seafood and even Japanese dishes within the hotel’s premises.

In review

Grand Hyatt Singapore gives you the benefit of being in the heart of town, where all the action happens, without compromising on the quality of your hotel stay or a peaceful night’s sleep. Granted, the cost may be slightly steep, but if you weigh out the services provided at this hotel, forking out that few extra dollars will make it all worth it!

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